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The command "copy" copy at this point is very simple because it works exactly like the "move" but instead of moving the selected object, it makes a copy of this.

The only difference is that once copied the first object, the command does not end and you can continue to make copies of the object, until you press the Enter key to exit the command.

This command is on the “modify” toolbar, and then allows us to copy objects within each drawing.


Not to be confused then with the commands “copy, cut, paste” of Windows, which are also present in AutoCAD, but may be used to copy objects between two different designs.


At this point, I want to speak again of the overlapping objects.

As seen above, with the copy command you can make multiple copies of one or more objects, doing what you can create copies of objects over themselves while continuing to display only one screen.

Creation of overlapping lines do not give particular problems, but is good to try to avoid them.




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