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“Dimension Edit”



After creating a dimension, we can also manually change its value.
To do that still use the command "Edit Text" edit text on the "text toolbar", practically the same that is used to modify the normal text.

After clicking the command and select the interest dimension, will activate the “text formatting” (change text), similarly to how we have already seen for “multiline text”.

At this point, the real value of the dimension will be highlight; we need to erase it, as if it were normal text, and replace it by writing the desired value.

Then press the OK button of the editing window to complete the command.

The dimension now indicate a value different from the reality, if we wanted to restore it to show real measure, use the same command but this time instead of the text, type symbols “minor and major”", that is this: <>

Typing these symbols on the keyboard, the dimension will return to showing the actual value measured.

Press the OK button again to confirm and exit the Edit command.




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