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“Edit text”



Once we have created the text, at any time we can change it or add other to the same line.
To do this on the "text toolbar is the following command edit text Edit.

After you click the tool, you are prompt to select the text to change, which will edit it as when we created and then we can change it.


Alternatively, we can simply double-click the mouse on a text to change, achieving the same function of the command above, that is going to enable the text input used, within which we can change the text already.


If you want to delete the text, simply select it and delete it like any other object drawn.

With the same concept, the text can then be moved, scaled, rotated and so on, with the different commands described in this course.


But there is a specific function to scale the text...






This command scale text can be useful if we were to have to vary the height of various text elements already entered into a drawing, perhaps to adapt to a different print scale.

With this tool, we can establish a new height value for texts that we select, so going to change its size but keeping fixed the position in which they are inserted, something that does not happen if we altered them with the standard command, “scale”.

Activating this control AutoCAD asks you to select the text to edit, once selected and pressing the right button to confirm them, we have to choose the reference point, respect to which we want to change the text size.

The command line suggest the following options:


scale text option


These options are landmarks for the individual lines of text inserted and to their position in the drawing.

We still do click with the right button to confirm the default option <Existing>, in this way will be used as a reference the current insertion point of texts.

Then you must enter the new height for the selected text lines, type the desired value and press Enter to confirm and exit the command, the texts will be update in the drawing.





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