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“OFFSET” command.



Until now we have a line drawn vertically or horizontally, the length of 100 units; imagine that they are centimeters.
Let us now see a new command "Offset , we find that this function on "modify" toolbar" and has this icon offset 


It allows us to make copies parallel to a line, or concentric in the case of a circle or a geometric figure, one side or the other to the line of origin.


Click on the "offset" and look at the "command line", the program asks:
"Specify offset distance" , type 50 on the keypad and press "enter".
At this point the program asks us where we want to do the offset line, appears on the command line says "select object to offset" and you'll notice how the cursor turns into a small square.
You can then click on the line after you created earlier and click again on either side of this anywhere in the drawing, it will create a copy of the first line at a distance of 100 units as we have stated above.
You can now click the right mouse button (or hit Enter on the keyboard) to exit the command offset, or continue by selecting one of the lines and still make others equidistant offset.


Please note that running two or more offset of the same line in the same side, we'll create overlapping lines, we will see one but are actually more, is a classic mistake by trying to avoid.




A click on the command offset, Enter the offset distance and press enter to confirm it. Click the object to copy and then click again on either side of this, to create the copy, repeat these last two steps to make other offsets or click the right button to enter and exit from the command.




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