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The polygon feature allows us to draw geometric figures from a minimum of three sides.
By running the command using the appropriate button polygon, AutoCAD immediately ask you to type the number of sides which will make up the figure.
On the command line appears: "_polygon Enter number of sides <4>"
For example, enter "3" followed by enter, we determine that we are going to draw an equilateral triangle.
At this point it appears on the command line: "Specify center of polygon or [Edge]:"
If we click on the screen we stare at the center of the figure to be create and then we will build it whether inscribed or circumscribed in a virtual circle of the radius to type.


If you choose option [Edge] between the square brackets by typing an "e" followed by the enter key, you can build a figure based on the length of its sides.
Let us now see the first case:
-Start the command  polygon
-Type the number of sides needed + "Enter" to confirm
-Click on the screen for what will be the center of the figure.


Well, now appears on the command line:
"Enter an option [Inscribed in circle / Circumscribed about circle] <I>:"
we must decide whether to draw the figure inscribed in a circle or circumscribed by typing the letter contained in the two options in square brackets written in capital letters , so I or C, then press enter.
Must now enter the radius and hit enter or right mouse button to create the figure established and the command will be completed.


Make some tests drawing different geometric shapes.
Please note that when choosing between the inscribed or circumscribed, Autocad remember the last setting which assigned will be indicated on the command line:
"Enter an option [Inscribed in circle / Circumscribed about circle] <I> ", this latest <I> or <C> corresponds to the choice made for the previous figure, and if it goes well we can directly confirm it, press enter, without entering the letter on the keyboard, the same goes for the number of sides that make up the figure to be allocated at the beginning of the command.


We see now the second possibility, that the [Edge] in which we will draw a hexagon that has the side of "50" units.
Activate the command polygon, type 6, and then press Enter key, then type "e" and then again Enter.
Now the program prompts you to insert the first point on the screen of one side of the figure ( the "ortho" must be active, otherwise press "F8" ) and then the second which is the length of the side.
Instead of the second point, as already proven with the line, type 50 and hit enter.
So we will have created a hexagon with sides of 50 units.


The 'polygon' tool is slightly more elaborate than others, as always, the trick to run it well is by follow the directions on the "command line".






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