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The Scale command scale serves to enlarge or reduce objects.
It is also located on the "Modify" toolbar, and work similarly to the last seen.

Starts the tool, select the objects to scale, then press Enter to confirm the selection made and then you have to choose again the basic point of reference, under which the objects will be scaled.

AutoCAD asks now the numerical value to what we want to scale the selected objects, on the command line shows: “Specify scale factor”.

You can enter decimal or integer values, for example if you want to enlarge twice selected objects will enter a value of 2, but if you want to halve the size will fit 0.5 and so on, ten times greater with 10… and 0.1 will reduce to one-tenth the size etc.

Once inserted the desired value, you hit return or the right mouse button, the objects are scaled and exits the command.




  1. You click on the "scale" scale.

  2. Select the objects to scale.

  3. Press Enter or right mouse button to confirm the selection.

  4. Establish the basic point of reference making click with the mouse.

  5. Type on the keyboard the scale factor.

  6. Press Enter or right mouse button, the change is doneand the command is completed.


On the “scale” tool it is necessary to dwell further because although simple to use is often a source of difficulty for those beginning.

One of the more complicated steps to understand is the determination of the correct "scaling factor" to be used when you want to make an enlarged detail of an object.

Suppose you have drawn a table and you want to make an enlarged detail of this. What scale factor should we use?

It must take account of the scale for which we will print our design.

Normally the technical drawings made with AutoCAD, should be printed in scale, 1:10, 1:20, 1:100, and so on when needed.

In the case of a table, the design that we are going to print may be done in a scale of 1:10, in this case if you want to make the drawing a detail, that is once printed in the scale 1:1 (true) , will have to be scaled by 10 times compared to the basic design.

If you want to print the table in 1:20 scale, you must enlarge the detail of 20 times compared to the basic design, which would otherwise result in a 1:2.






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