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“Single line text”



With the "single line text" tool text  we can insert some text on a single line; the height of this text will be the one set in the "Text Style" settings, or, if we left this value to zero, Autocad will ask to enter a height of text value for each text line that we will create.

The heights of the text that we will use should be of proper proportion respect to the design we are creating and especially the scaling factor with which we will print it.

A character set to “30” who will be 3 mm high when printed in 1:10 scale; it must be set to “300” to achieve the same result on a 1:100 scale printing.


Click on the tool:text

On the command line is:

“Specify start point for text”, we then click on the screen to set the insertion point of the text.

Now, if we have not already set in the "Text Style" we are ask to enter the height of the text:

“Specify height”, insert e.g. 30 and then hit Enter.

Now the command line shows, “Specify rotation angle” (specify the angle of rotation of text line), press enter to leave directly to zero, in order to write horizontally.

At this point, we will see a blinking cursor at the point chosen.

We can finally write our text with the keyboard and in the meantime use the mouse wheel to adjust the zoom on what we are writing.

Upon completion of the written press the Enter key, we shall now see that the cursor wraps to allow us to write a second line, try to write again on the second line of text and then press Enter again.

The cursor will go back to the head on the possible third line... press enter again to exit the command.

We just created two lines of text... but then why this tool is called single-line text?

The answer lies in the fact that the two lines are created as independent objects.

We can then independently select and move, scale, change color, etc. with standard AutoCAD commands, like any other element of the design.




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