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Part 4





We will now see some basic geometric shapes such as "primitive"
and other drawing tools.




Click on the "rectangle" rectangle to activate it, then we put the two opposite corners of a rectangle that will be created automatically. Therefore provides the first corner of the rectangle on the canvas, then moving the mouse from one side you'll see a rectangle form with respect to the fixed point. It remains now to establish the second summit, as opposed to the first, by clicking again on a desired point in the drawing.
Once inserted, the first and second corner of the rectangle, the command is already concluded, it is not necessary to press Enter or right mouse button to exit, as in the case of the line.


Let's now a very useful feature, click the rectangle command to activate it again and then click on the screen to set the first corner of the rectangle.
Now with the keyboard, type the following @ symbol , you'll see the writing on the command line, type the following 200,100
Then you wrote "@ 200,100", the @ symbol indicates to consider as reference the first vertex we have set for the rectangle, the numbers written below, separated by a comma (must be a comma not a point) indicate units in X and Y.
Now press 'Enter' will create a rectangle of this size (200x100 on the side) and the command is complete.
Again, the comments are submitted to type after establishing the first point of the rectangle:
@ value for the X axis , value for the Y axis
Where the value for the X and Y enter numbers to the desired size.




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